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The platform HiMat Engineering Digital Data Analytics – HEDDATM provides software tools for efficient analysis of metallic materials, in particular steels.

Predictability 95%
Usability 80%
Interpretability 60%
Agility 90%
Applicability 85%

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Martensite start temperature in steels

Predict the martensite start temperature in steels based on their chemical composition and the austenitization temperature. The tool can handle a wide range of steels from low-alloy to high-alloy steels.​


Athermal martensite fraction and/or retained austenite in steels

Predict the formation of athermal martensite in steels based on their chemical composition. Consequently the retained austenite fraction can also be predicted. 


Strain-induced martensite in austenitic stainless steels

Predict the strain-induced martensitic transformation in austenitic stainless steels. For example, the MD30 temperature as a function of chemical composition can be calculated.

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